Debugging problems with worklight database access

In the Connecting to Database from WorkLight entry i developed a simple application to demonstrate how to connect to a database from Worklight, when i was developing that application i used these tools to debug. It seems that when i make a DB call using WL.Client.invokeProcedure() method it makes REST call and gets the response back in JSON format, i used the firebug tool to see what is being passed in and out. This is what data gets passed to the server
This is the response of the server that contains the response data in JSON format.The response in green displays what happens in case of success and the response with red boundary displays what happens in case of error
On the server side after deploying adapter i looked at the Worklight\server\log\server\server.log file to get detailed information about the errors and Worklight\server\log\server\error.log for short information about the errors

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