WorkLight SOAP Service debugging

I ran into few issues while working on Accessing SOAP service from the WorkLight app blog entry and these are the solutions to those problems First problem was i had to build the SOAP request in JavaScript manually for use in the HTTP Adapter class and since this code runs on server i was not able to debug it, and i was not sure what message is getting built. So i used the WL.Logger.debug("SOAP Request " + searchContactRequest) call in my Adapter code and then when i hit the adapter it did write this log statement in \Worklight\server\log\server\server.log directory like this 2012-03-29 15:40:30,469 DEBUG [developer] (pool-7-thread-2:0ad7210e-9ed8-4c58-9b38-853d1918131b) SOAP Request <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:q0="" xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> <soapenv:Header> </soapenv:Header> <soapenv:Body> <q0:searchContact> <arg0>at</arg0> </q0:searchContact> </soapenv:Body> </soapenv:Envelope> The worklight server does take care of writing the response of the SOAP request into the same log file, so having log enabled for com.srndpt.adapters helps Also note that the WorkLight server takes care of converting the SOAP XML response into JSON This is the response of my SOAP Service <S:Envelope xmlns:S=""> - <S:Body> - <ns2:searchContactResponse xmlns:ns2=""> - <contactList> <contactId>1</contactId> <email></email> <firstName>Sunil</firstName> <lastName>Patil</lastName> </contactList> - <contactList> <contactId>2</contactId> <email></email> <firstName>Jiya</firstName> <lastName>Patil</lastName> </contactList> - <contactList> <contactId>3</contactId> <email></email> <firstName>Navya</firstName> <lastName>Patil</lastName> </contactList> </ns2:searchContactResponse> </S:Body> </S:Envelope> The WorkLight server takes that response and converts it into JSON object and sticks it into Result element like this {"responseID":"10","statusCode":200,"errors":[],"isSuccessful":true,"statusReason":"OK","Envelope":{"Body":{"searchContactResponse":{"ns2":"","contactList":[{"lastName":"Patil","contactId":"1","email":"","firstName":"Sunil"},{"lastName":"Patil","contactId":"2","email":"","firstName":"Jiya"},{"lastName":"Patil","contactId":"3","email":"","firstName":"Navya"}]}},"S":""},"warnings":[],"info":[]}

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