Enable tracing for WorkLight

When i was developing application accessing database from Worklight i wanted to debug to figure out what Query the SQL Adapter is making also i wanted to figure out how to enable the logging tracing for WorkLight product itself. There is a log4j.xml file in the Worklight\server\lib folder that you can change and restart the WorkLight server and then you can check the Worklight\server\log\server\server.log file for actual log statements For Example i did change the log level for com.srndpt.adapters package to DEBUG and then when i tried executing the code that uses adapter to make SQL query can i could see following log statements 2012-03-28 15:50:27,326 DEBUG [SQLQuery] (pool-1-thread-2:682f4681-e757-4a24-b20a-34f655f48c68) Prepare statement: select * FROM CONTACT WHERE FIRSTNAME LIKE ? 2012-03-28 15:50:27,326 DEBUG [SQLQuery] (pool-1-thread-2:682f4681-e757-4a24-b20a-34f655f48c68) Execute the query 2012-03-28 15:50:27,326 DEBUG [SQLQuery] (pool-1-thread-2:682f4681-e757-4a24-b20a-34f655f48c68) payload received.

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