Automating portlet deployment on WebSphere Portal using Apache Maven

If you download sample code from my blog you will notice that i use Apache Maven as build tool, my source code is structured in Maven format and you will find a pom.xml file which is maven build script.

I like to make my development environment as simple as possible and automate deployment so that i can test my changes rapidly. So i did create this very basic approach for automating deployment of portlet to WebSphere Portal using xmlaccess + maven. This approach is very similar to how you can automate deployment of portlet to Apache Pluto. You can download sample AjaxPortlet from here

I follow these steps whenever i create a new project

  • I create a simple portlet.xml that does not have any id portlet application id like this

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <portlet-app xmlns=""
    version="2.0" xmlns:xsi=""
    <display-name>Ajax Portlet</display-name>
    <title>Ajax Portlet</title>
    <short-title>Ajax Portlet</short-title>
    <keywords>Ajax Portlet</keywords>

    The value of portlet-name is important for deployment

  • Then i create a pom.xml file which is build script for for my portlet and has custom integration-test target that i use for deploying portlet

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <project xmlns=""

    <!-- Change this to something akin to your java package structure -->
    <!-- Version of this app -->
    <!-- Base name of the war file without .war ext -->
    <!-- Dependency Version Properties ======================================= -->
    <xmlaccess.path>/software/work/blog/performance/ajax/AjaxPortlet /UpdatePortlet.xml</xmlaccess.path>

    <scope>provided</scope><!-- Prevents addition to war file -->


    <property environment="env"/>
    <exec executable="/bin/bash" dir="${wps.home}/PortalServer/bin">
    <arg line=" -user ${} -password $
    {wps.admin.password} -url ${wps.url} -in ${xmlaccess.path}"/>

    In this file you will have to set properties for following things

    • wps.home: Location of portal installation base on your machine

    • wps.url: Config URL for xmlaccess for your portal server it will be http://localhost:10040/wps/config by default

    • User name for WPS admin

    • wps.admin.password: Password for WPS admin

    • xmlaccess.path: Path of UpdatePortlet.xml, which is a xmlaccess file that i use for deploying my portlets

    In most of the cases when i create a new portlet only value that will change is xmlaccess.path to point to new updateportlet.xml which is already always in the same directory as that of pom.xml, i bet i can read that directory name using Apache Maven variable but i will have to get some time to find that out

    In my script i have a integration-test target which makes use of ant to execute xmlaccess script that updates the portlet, this ant script gets executed when i execute mvn integration-test

  • The final step is to create a UpdatePortlet.xml file like this

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!-- sample for updating a portlet from a new version of the WAR file -->
    <portal action="locate">

    <web-app action="update" active="true" uid="AjaxPortlet.war.webmod">
    <portlet-app action="update" active="true" uid="AjaxPortlet.war">
    <portlet action="update" active="true" objectid="thePortlet" name="AjaxPortlet">


    The UpdatePortlet.xml file needs information such as location of .war file, PortletName that i can get portlet.xml, .war file name that i can get from pom.xml and once i change the updateportlet.xml to use correct values i am all set

Once my initial setup is in place i execute the mvn integration-test command to install the portlet for first time or update it, when i do that it take some time to build and then deploy it looks like this


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Niraj Hoondlani said...

I am using ANT and xmlaccess for deployment...however when i try to update a war file it says that the war file with the uid of that portlet already exists...please assist

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i am also facing the same issues as Niraj..plz assist

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How do I run xmlaccess on remote portal server?

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