Collecting performance data for WSRP producer web service

I wanted to see if there is a way to get performance data related to WSRP Producer portlet one way is to use the Portlet Level PMI on the producer portlet. And there is one more thing that we can do which is to collect the PMI information for WSRP related web service

You will have to follow these steps to collect the WSRP web service, PMI related data

  • First enable the PMI metrics collection for all the modules

  • Then inside the Performance Viewer -< Current Activity page go to Web Services -< wps.war related services and select WSRPBaseService_V1 and WSRPBaseService_V2 like this

  • Then once both the services are selected click on View MOdules and hit few pages with WSRP portlets on it. Now you should start seeing the data related to all the WSRP web service calls your server is getting and the time it is taking to service the calls like this

    In my case the WSRP producer service got 5 calls and it took 294 ms on average to respond to the calls

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