Problem with action-enable-page-as-extension-node-wp.dynamicui.config

The Exploiting the WebSphere Portal programming model: Part 4: Making your portal dynamic and context sensitive article says that before you create pages you need to create a extension node, which is nothing but a portal page with some special property,

It says that you can use following configuration code to convert a page into extension node

wpsconfig.{bat|sh} enable-page-as-extension-node

But it seems that this task was renamed in the WPS 6.1 and you can call it like this action-enable-page-as-extension-node-wp.dynamicui.config

I tried running this task on my WPS 6.1.5 but it always failed so i looked into what is going on and it turns out that this task actually creates a xmlaccess and invokes it for some reason the task was failing so i tried executing the xmlaccess manually and it worked and i was able to mark that page as extension node

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- Locate the tpl transformation -->
<portal action="locate">
<web-app action="locate" active="true"
<transformation-app action="locate" active="true"
<transformation action="locate" active="true"
objectid="theTransformation" name="DynamicUITransformation" >

<!-- Enable page as task page container -->
<content-node action="update"
<transformationinstance action="update"


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beste said...

The task was probably failing because it seems to be configured for a default virtual portal. If you specify -DVirtualPortalContext= at the end of your commandline, it works (at least for me).