About XMLAccess Interface

The XML configuration interface provides a batch processing interface for portal configuration updates. It allows you to export an entire portal confiugration or parts of configuration to XML file. Then you can import this XML file in someother portal server to recreate configuration.

You access the XML configuration interface using a command line tool. This command line client is a small separate program that connects to the portal server using HTTP/HTTPS connection. You can use it for configuring portal remotely.

To be able to use the XML Configuration interface you need to have the manager role on the virtual resource XML_ACCESS and the security administrator role on the virtual resource PORTAL. This implies that you must be a super administrator of the portal who can perform any action. Therefore there is no further access control.

Following types of requests that can be sent to the XML Configuration interface

  1. Export Request: An export request triggers the export of complete or partial portal configuration into XML. It does not modify the configuration of the portal. it results in a response file


  2. Update request: An update request modifies the configuration of portal according to values found in the XML script.

    <request build="wp6014_010_01" type="update" version="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="PortalConfig_6.0.1_2.xsd">
    // Configuration that you want to import

  3. Export orphaned data request: It exports the complete portal configuration into XML including orphaned data.

    <request build="wp6014_010_01" type="Export-orphaned-data" version="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="PortalConfig_6.0.1_2.xsd">

Requets to and response from XML configuration interface use the same XML format. An export request generates an XML response that contains all the configuration data required to re-create the exported configuration part. This means that you can export a portal configuration, save the XML output file and, without modification, send it to another portal to re-create the same configuration there.

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