Run scripting command in a profile

A profile is a script that runs before the main script, or before entering interactive mode. Profiles can be used to set up environment specific behavior or user specific data. Profiles are specified when invoking wpscript, using the -profile parameter. For example, the login command can be placed in a profile. The following example of a profile, which can be named mylogin.jacl, would look like this:

set user wpsadmin
set pwd wpsadmin
$Portal login $user $pwd

Then you can execute your jacl script using this command -port port_number -profile mylogin.jacl -username wasadmin -password wasadmin -f testme.jacl
As you can see your passing name of your mylogin.jacl as value for -profile command line parameter. So the mylogin.jacl script will get executed before testme.jacl and as a result you dont have to include login command in each of your JACL scripts

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