One of the common uses of portal scripting interface is to use it for controlling access control. The Portal Scripting interface provides two different beans that allows you to manipulate the access control.
Lets say you want to modify the access control for "Test Page" page(Unique name for page is testpage). If thats the case then you should follow this procedure

  1. Load the access control object for this page using

    set acl [$Access getacl Content [$Content find page uniquename testpage]]

    This will load all the access control information for this is acl object.

  2. Once the access information for a resource is loaded in acl bean then you can decide if you want to either only view the information or edit the information. In our case since we want to edit the page information call

    $PacList edit $acl

  3. In the next step we can actual grant or revoke of the user role.
    $PacList grant User special Authenticated

    This will assign All authenticated users User role on the page
    $PacList revoke PrivilegedUser special Authenticated

    This will remove Privileged Usre role for all authenticated users on this page.
    $PacList grant Editor name "johndoe"

    This will assign Editor role to John Doe on this page

  4. Once your done manipulating the access control information then you can commit your changes by calling
    $PacList done

    This command would write back your changes in Portal Access Control

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