Portal Scripting Interface Beans

The portal scripting component introduces so-called script beans into the JACL language. These are objects with methods that work on portal data. There is no JACL object that represent particular page or portlet. Rather, there is a fixed number of script beans that provide access to a specific areas of the portal data.

The available beans are

  • Portal: The Portal bean is used for performing portal level operations such as login and logout. As well as setting the virtual portal for the current session($Portal setvp )

  • Content: The Content bean allows you to interact with portal content hierarchy(Pages, labels, URLs).It allows you to create,update delete, move pages, labels, urls

  • Layout: The Layout bean allows you to work with component hierarchy on a page. Component hierarchy contains horizontal and vertical containers, controls

  • Portlet: The Portlet bean allows you to work with portlet repository which consist of portlets, portlet applications and web modules

  • Look: The Look bean provides access to the portal theme and skin objects

  • Access:The Access bean is for reading, writing of the access control objects

  • PacList: The PacList bean provides operations to view and edit access control objects.

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