Deregistering Users and Groups

IBM® WebSphere® Portal stores users and groups that exist in the user registry as entries in the portal database. When using the XML configuration interface or the Manage User and Groups Portlet to delete users and groups, they are deleted from the user registry as well as from the database. Deleting a user or group directly from the configured user registry does not remove the database entry.

To remove these users and groups from the database, follow these steps:

1. Export the affected user and group database entries by using the XML configuration interface.
2. Check the exported XML file and compare the exported entries with the user registry; for example, determine which users and groups you want to delete permanently, and which of the muted users and groups you want to re-enable.
3. From the exported XML file remove the users and groups that you want to keep in the database. All users and groups that remain in the file will be removed from the portal database.
4. Import the modified XML file with the XML configuration interface. The users and groups that are listed in the XML file are removed from the portal database.

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