Private Page

A private page can be accessed only by its owner. Privileged Users (users assigned a role of type Privileged User) can explicitly create new private pages that are accessible only by themselves. Additionally, a Privileged User on a non-private page can personalize the page and create new private pages underneath it. Customizing a non-private page usually creates a private copy of the corresponding non-private page. Any changes that a Privileged User makes to a non-private page are not accessible by other users.

For private resources, which are resources accessible only by the owner of the resource, ownership provides the same set of allowed actions as the Privileged User role type plus the allowance to delete the resource. So in the case of both non-private and private resources, these allowed actions include the ability to delete the resource.Private resources can only be owned by users, not by user groups. It is not possible to define roles on private resources, and resource ownership cannot be inherited.

Note: Private pages cannot be controlled by an external security manager. Access control for private pages is always internally controlled by WebSphere Portal.

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