Create custom Modular Theme

I am learning about the new Modular theme that ships as part of the WPS 7002 and i wanted to create a new modular theme so that i could play around with it. So these are the steps that i followed
  1. First i did connect to http://localhost:10039/wps/mycontenthandler/dav/themelist URL using the WebDAV client and there i could see csa2.theme folder for PageBuilder2 based theme and ibm.portal.7002Theme folder for the Modular theme, so i did download the ibm.portal.7002Theme folder on my local machine
  2. Then i did change name of that folder to webspherenotes.firstmodular
  3. Then i opened the metadata/ file and i did change the title of the theme like this
  4. I also made changes in the file to change the value of to point to a 2ColumnEqual layout that is inside the firstmodular theme like this. I also change the value of\:fs-type1/themes/firstmodular/layout-templates/2ColumnEqual/
  5. After that i did upload the webspherenotes.firstmodular theme back to the WebDAV store like this
  6. Now when i logged into WebSphere Portal Admin console and went to Theme and Skin management i could see FirstModular theme in the list like this
  7. The last step was to assign the Portal based skins to the FirstModular theme and then assign that theme to the page. When i tried accessing a FirstModular based page without assigning the Portal based skin it looked like this
    But assigning correct skin solved the problem

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