Where is the code for modular theme

I started looking into how the WebSphere 7002 Modular theme looks like and first step was to figure out where is the source code for the theme. So it seems that the Modular theme is basically a Page Builder theme. The page builder theme code is normally divided into 2 parts one is static resource such as static html markup files, JavaScript and CSS files that code is stored in the WebDAV at http://localhost:10039/wps/mycontenthandler/dav/fs-type1/themes folder
If you dig dipper into the static resources you will notice that it has the same theme.html file as the entry point for the static markup and same layout and skin related folders
The difference in the theme.html file is couple of additional lines that are responsible for adding necessary JavaScript and CSS files. For example in the <head> you will see this line <link rel="dynamic-content" href="co:head"> this line is responsible for including necessary CSS that is required for the page and it also contains bare essential JavaScript. The following line is added at the end just above the closing <body> element, it is responsible for including necessary JavaScript in the page. <a rel="dynamic-content" href="co:config"></a> The basic idea is to include all the CSS at the top so that when the browser starts rendering markup it has all the classes and include all the JavaScript at the bottom so that the page starts rendering soon without waiting for downloading all the JavaScript The dynamic part of the resources are included using .jsp pages which are bundled in ThemeModules.ear which is available at WebSphere\PortalServer\theme\wp.theme.modules\webapp\installedApps

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