Deferred module loading in the default Modular theme in WPS 7002

I am playing around with the Modular Theme in WPS 7002 for last few days and one thing that i noticed is the new theme is quite past compared to the older theme. So i was trying to figure out what is going on and it seems IBM used one simple trick(In addition to lot of more complex stuff like combining of resources,.. etc) to speed up the page.
If you load a portal page in the browser and use firebug to look at the requests you will notice that it is loading 24 files. Please note that i am using Disabling combining of resource for debugging modular theme settings so every file gets loaded separately so that i can debug and figure out what is going on. If you have not disabled combining of resources you will see very few requests but little less amount of data will be downloaded from the server
Now if you click on the edit button you will notice that it takes few seconds to load the customization palette and if you look at the firebug you will notice that it downloads 124 resources and close to 1.7MB of data and when you move to options like Change Layout or Change Style you will see few more requests and some more data being downloaded.
The Default theme defers loading of edit page related modules which makes sense because the normal user will view page more frequently compared to editing it, some sites wont even allow to edit the page, so why load stuff that is not required and slow down every page.

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