Using ripple mobile browser emulator for testing PhoneGap

One of the biggest pain point for testing PhoneGap application is deploying it on emulator and testing it, that process takes long time. So i started using the Ripple which is Google Chrome extension and it makes testing PhoneGap application really easy.
  1. Install Ripple extension in Chrome
  2. Start the Google Chrome browser with its access to local file system by executing chrome.exe -–allow-file-access-from-files
  3. Then Right click on the Ripple symbol and say Manage Google Extensions, on the next screen check Allow access to file URLs check box
  4. Now open index.html from the phoneGap application using file URL and enable Ripple for it
  5. Now you can test the geolocation application like this. With Ripple advantage is you can directly open the HTML in browser and then set geolocation directly using Ripple


Anonymous said...

Do i need to sign in for a key ?

Anonymous said...

Awesome advice and it made my app work in Ripple :) ... for a short time until I noticed that Ripple Emulator in Chrome supports only Cordova 2.7. If you want Cordova 3+ support you need to download it from Apache or github (and remove the Chrome extension).

Author said...


Thanks for the mobile emulator.

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