Disabling combining of resource for debugging modular theme

If you look at the Net panel for all the resource requests generated by portal page in order to display a page you will notice that it generates very few requests. For example portal will figure out all the JavaScripts files required by the page combine them and return them in single request. Same thing for CSS files it will combine all of them and return a single response in compressed version like this
But when your debugging the theme you would want to disable this combining of requests to see what all files are getting loaded on a page as well as get uncompressed version of the files in order to do that you can set following trace string com.ibm.wps.resourceaggregator.CombinerDataSource.RemoteDebug=all
After setting the trace string when you refresh the same portal page you will see separate requests for resources on the page also you will notice portal is returning uncompressed version like this

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