Installing new WPS Modular theme

The WebSphere Portal fixpack introduced a concept of Modular Theme which allows you to create themes using different module extensions to contribute to different areas of the page in order to provide flexibility, enhance the user experience, and maximize performance. I wanted to learn more about the Modular Theme so i followed these steps to install WPS and install Modular theme, on my existing WPS 7.0 installation.
  1. When you install WPS on your machine by default it install WebSphere Application Server 7.0.11 which is not sufficient to install WPS, so first you must update your WAS, i did update mine by going to the latest version which is 7.0.21. My development environment is standalone so i had to install
    • 64-bit x86 AMD/Intel AppServer: WAS fix pack
    • 64-bit x86 AMD/Intel Java SDK: Fix pack for the JDK used by WAS
  2. Then i did install WebSphere Portal Fix pack
  3. The Modular theme is not installed as part of WPS fix pack installation process instead you will have to run following configuration task
    ConfigEngine.bat deploy-7002-theme -DPortalAdminPwd=password -DWasPassword=password
    This task took few minutes to complete. But once the task was completed i could see Portal name in the theme list like this
Then i did change the theme to apply it to a page and i could see the new look and feel like this


Javier Morales said...

Do I need to run the configengine task on every node on the cluster or just in the primary?

Javier Morales said...

I already foud the answer