Mobile browser simulator in Rational Application Developer

The Rational Application Developer 8.* (I tried this feature in 8.0.4) has a concept of Mobile browser simulator. The way it works is if you have a web application running on say WebSphere application or WebSphere Portal server you can right click and say Run on Mobile Browser Simulator
The first time you do that it will install a Mobile Browser Simulator web application on the application server and open a web page like this, which would have mobile browser simulator with the mobile simulator pointing the page that your testing.


Raanan Avidor said...

This is a great feature we are using in Worklight right now.

John Read said...
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John Read said...

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Joe Cotton said...

I am running RAD v7 and I have an error when I start Websphere server. It attempts to load Mobile Browser Simulator, fails to create temp file, and uses a nested strategy.

We do not need this Mobile Browser Simulator, so is there any way to TURN IT OFF?

Joe Cotton

KathleenJordan said...

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