Process (native) logs

The process logs are created by redirecting the STDOUT and STDERR streams of the process to independent log files. Native code, including the Java virtual machine (JVM) itself, writes to these files. As a general rule, WebSphere Application Server does not write to these files. However, these logs can contain information relating to problems in native code or diagnostic information written by the JVM.

As with JVM logs, there is a set of process logs for each application server, since each JVM is an operating system process. For WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment configuration, a set of process logs is created for the deployment manager and each node agent.

The only configuration that is possible for the process logs is changing the directory location or file names for the logs. You can do this in the WAS Admin console by going to Troubleshooting -< Logs and Traces and clicking on process name. On the Logging and Tracing screen select Process Logs

Then on the Process Logs screen you can change the location of native_stdout.log or native_stderr.log file.

You can view the native_stderr.log and native_stdout.log file either using any text editor or you can view it using the WAS Admin Console (even for remote location) by going to the Runtime tab. Select the log file that you want to see

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