Removing WAS Service

When i installed WebSphere Application Server 6.1 it did create a Windows Service on my machine (I forgot to uncheck the checkbox during installation). As a result whenever i start my machine it used to start the service, and i had to mark its startup type to Manual.

But other disadvantage of service was that whenver i tried executing command it was trying to start the service

So i decided to remove the service from my machine. I tried executing WASService -remove servicename command but took some time to figure out what is the service name.

you can find service name by following either of these options. Take a look at profiles\AppSrv01\logs folder there would be xxxx service.log file, in this xxxx is name of the service. In my mase name of the log file is sunpatil-wxp02Node01 Service.log so service name is sunpatil-wxp02Node01.

Other way to find out the service name is using Services tool. open the tool and find out the service starting with IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1. The later part of the name is service name.

Once you know the service name you can remove it by executing WASService.exe -remove servicename

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