IBM Support Assistant

The IBM Support assistant product comes in three flavors

  1. IBM Support assistant Lite: This product is just for collecting all the necessary data such as configuration, logs and traces, version and history information. When you open a support request with IBM they might ask you collect diagnostic data from your system using IBM Support assistance lite

  2. Serviceability Workbench: This product is also known as IBM Support assistant, its a Eclipse based product which can not only collect the necessary data but also has some trouble shooting tools such as Thread Dump Analyzer, Heap Dump Analyzer,..

  3. Enterprise Solution: Deploy the IBM Support Assistant Agent onto systems in your enterprise to enable remote problem determination. Use Agents to run remote data collections, take inventory of remote systems, filter and collect remote log files, and perform other remote problem determination tasks. The Agent component is optional and works in conjunction with the IBM Support Assistant Workbench.

You can download any of the three products from ISA Home Page

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