Startup time vs. Run time trace

After enabling trace, you will have to decide the java packages for which you want to turn the trace on. You can do that from WAS Admin Console by going to TroubleShooting -< Logging and Tracing -< servername. Then on the Logging and Tracing page click on Change Log Details Level

For changing Log Detail level, you can change them either on the COnfiguration tab or on the Runtime tab

  • Configuration: The log details level that you set here will be persisted in the server.xml file and the changes that you make wont take effect until you restart the server. Also since the changes are persisted in server.xml they will be effective across server restart unless you change them

  • Runtime: The Changes that you make on the Runtime tab take effect immediately but these changes wont be saved to server.xml configuration file instead they will be kept in memory, as a result your changes would be lost when you restart the server

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