What is work load management WLM

Workload management is a WebSphere Facility to provide load balancing and affinity
between application servers in a WebSphere clustered environment. Websphere uses
workload management to send requests to alternate members of the cluster. WebSphere also routes the concurrent requests from a user to the application server that serviced the first request, as EJB calls and session state will be memory of this application server.

The proposed configuration should ensure that each machine or server in the configuration processes a fair share of the overall client load that is being processed by the system as a whole. In other words, it is not efficient to have one machine overloaded while another machine is mostly idle. If all machines have roughly the same capacity (for example, CPU power), each should process a roughly equal share of the load. Otherwise, there likely needs to be a provision for workload to be distributed in proportion to the processing power available on each machine.

Furthermore, if the total load changes over time, the system should automatically adapt itself; for example, all machines may use 50% of their capacity, or all machines may use 100% of their capacity. But not one machine uses 100% of its capacity while the rest uses 15% of their capacity.

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