Default Profile

Profiles use concept of default profile when more than one profile exists. The default profile is set to be the default target for scripts that do not specify a profile.

Lets say you have a DMGR and Application Server profile installed on your machine. Now if you want to start the Application Server you have two options either you can go to <APPSERVER_PROFILE_HOME>/bin and execute startServer command or you can go to <APPSERVER_HOME>/bin directory and execute startServer command and specify -pforileName <APPSERVER_PROFILE_NAME> command line parameter.

You can find out the default profile for the installation by executing
manageProfile.bat -getDefaultName command

You can set the default profile for an installation in multiple ways

  • Using the manage profile command line tool by executing manageProfile.bat -setDefaultName AppSrv01 command
  • At the time of creating new profile using Profile Management tool you can check the checkbox for Make this profile the default

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