WSAdmin Objects

The wsadmin command exposes following four objects

  1. AdminControl:The AdminControl scripting object is used for operational control. It communicates with MBeans that represent live objects running a WebSphere server process. It includes commands to query existing running objects and their attributes and invoke operations on the objects.

  2. AdminConfig: The AdminConfig object is used to manage the configuration information that is stored in the repository. This object communicates with the WebSphere Application Server configuration service component to make configuration inquires and changes. In a distributed server environment, the AdminConfig commands are available only if a scripting client is connected to the deployment manager. When connected to a node agent or a managed application server, the AdminConfig commands will not be available because the configuration for these server processes are copies of the master configuration that resides in the deployment manager.

  3. AdminApp: The AdminApp object can update application metadata, map virtual hosts to Web modules, and map servers to modules for applications already installed. Changes to an application, such as specifying a library for the application to use or setting session management configuration properties, are performed using the AdminConfig object.

  4. AdminTask: The AdminTask object is used to access a set of task-oriented administrative commands that provide an alternative way to access the configuration commands and the running object management commands. The administrative commands run simple and complex commands. The administrative commands are discovered dynamically when the scripting client is started. The set of available administrative commands depends on the edition of WebSphere Application Server you install. You can use the AdminTask object commands to access these commands.


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I need to know whether we can get all the datasources and their properties present within a perticular node using jacl.Is this possible??

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