Viewing current performance activity

Log into the WAS Admin Console and go to Monitor and Tuning -> Performance Viewer -> Current Activity, then select the server which you want to monitor, on this page it displays two parts first on the left hand side it has links to all the TPV modules such as Advisor, Summary Report,.. and on the right hand side it displays the current activity on the server

In order to check what data is displayed in the current activity page, i created a simple HelloWorld.ear. It has a HelloWorldServlet, that makes a call to HelloWorldEJB and then forwards control to index.jsp for generating response. I made 3 requests to the HelloWorldServlet and this is the data that was displayed in the current activity

It displays how many requests were made to the HelloWorldServlet and what is average response and total response time for each of the request. The HelloWorldServlet forwards control to index.jsp for actual markup generation so calls to index.jsp are also monitored and recorded here i.e. each jsp is considered as a servlet

This data is similar to the Summary Report -> Servlet report. The data related to web application gets reset if you update the application and only those applications that you access after starting the server are displayed in the current activity

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