Restricting access to websphere non public API

WebSphere Application Server V6.1 gives you the ability to restrict access to internal WebSphere classes so that your applications do not make unsupported calls to WebSphere classes not published in the official WebSphere Application Server API. This setting is a per-server (JVM) setting called Access to internal server classes

You can change this setting from WAS Admin Console, on server details page like this

The default setting is Allow, meaning that your applications can make unrestricted calls to non-public internal WebSphere classes. This is not recommended and may be prohibited in future releases. Therefore, as an administrator, it is a good idea to switch this setting to Restrict to see if your applications still work. If they depend on non-public WebSphere internal classes you will receive a ClassNotFoundException, and in that case you can switch back to Allow. Your developers should then try to migrate their applications so that they do not make unsupported calls to the WebSphere internal classes in order to retain compatibility with future WebSphere Application Server releases

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