WSAdmin command invocation

The wsadmin command can be invoked in three different ways

  • Invoking Single command: You can invoke single command of wsadmin by executing wsadmin -c AdminControl.getNode()

  • Invoking commands interactively: If you want to execute more than one command then you can execute wsadmin in interactive mode, This is the default mode of wsadmin and you can invoke it by not passing either -c or -f options. Once you do that the wsadmin prompt will appear and you can execute wsadmin scripting commands on the prompt.

  • Running script file (-f): If you have set of predefined scripts then you can execute wsadmin -f <filename> command to execute the script file.

Rational application developer has a Jython development perspective that lets you develop and execute Jython commands from within IDE and it also lets you debug your script

In this screen shot i am executing script from IDE on my DMGR. I need to specify soap port of DMGR and Admin user login information here

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