Installation Verification Tool

Installation Verification tool(IVT) can be used to verify the installation of product and the Application server or Deployment manager profile. You can run the Install verification tool after installing product (With either DMGR or AppServer) profile, or after creating DMGR or AppServer profile. The IVT tool makes sure that the server process can start.

The install verification tool works differently depending on the type of profile that your verifying, If you are trying to verify a Deployment Manager, it will check that if DMGR is started if not it will start the DMGR and check if there are any errors in SystemOut.log or SystemErr.log.

If your trying to verify application server profile then it will check if the application server is started, if not start it. Once the server is started it will make requests to ivt servlet to verify that it can respond to request for servlet, JSP and EJB. In addition to that it will scan SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log to make sure that there are no errors.

No installation verification is possible for a custom profile. After federating the node and using the deployment manager to create a server, you can start the server process to verify its functionality.

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