Types of performance advisor

Two types of performance advisors are available

  1. Performance and Diagnostic advisor: Runs within the JVM of application server. It writes the information warnings in SystemOut.log file as well as provides JMX notifications

    You can configure the Performance and Diagnostic advisor using either WAS Admin console or wsadmin tool. Running in the JVM of the application server, the PADA checks for inefficient settings and issues recommendations as standard product warnings messages.These recommendations are displayed both as warnings in the administrative console under Runtime Messages in the WebSphere Application Server Status panel and as text in the application server SystemOut.log file. Enabling the Performance and Diagnostic Advisor has minimal system performance impact. The advice that the Performance and Diagnostic Advisor gives is all on the server level

    You can also use the Performance and Diagnostic Advisor to enable the lightweight memory leak detection, which is designed to provide early detection of memory problems in test and production environments.

  2. Performance advisor in Tivoli performance viewer: In stanad alone environment runs in the JVM of application server, in the ND environment runs in the JVM of node agent. Requries that you enable performance modules, counter or both on. You can look at the warning messages generated using the TPV in WAS admin console

    The performance advisor in Tivoli Performance Viewer (TPV) provides advice to help tune systems for optimal performance and provide recommendations on inefficient settings by using collected Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) data. Obtain the advice by selecting the performance advisor in TPV.

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