Steps for enabling security in clustered environment

The enable security steps should be performed after the horizontal/vertical cluster is setup. You can also keep using File repository in clustered environment, in that case you create a new user on DM machine and push the fileRepository.xml to nodes.

  • Change the file on the primary portal node to match the LDAP configuration

  • Validate the values that you entered by executing ./ validate-standalone-ldap comand

  • Once the validation is completed successfully you can modify the security by executing ./ wp-modify-ldap-security command

  • Restar the DMGR, all NodeAgents and all cluster members

  • Copy the file to the secondar cluster node. Copy the settings from the helper file to file by executing ConfigEngine.bat -DparentProperties=/ConfigEngine/config/helpers/wp_security_ids.p
    roperties -DsaveParentProperties=true

  • Update the portal security information on the secondary node by executing the following command ConfigEngine.bat wp-change-portal-admin-user -DnewAdminId=wpsadmin -DnewAdminPwd=wpsadmin -DnewAdminGroupId=wpsadmins

  • Restart the secondary portal node

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