Configuring FFDC Tool

The FFDC tool does not affect performance of the server and should not be disabled. But the FFDC tool does create one incident file for each of the incident and you can configure when these incident files should be purged.

There are three property files which control the behavior of the ffdc filter. The files which are used are based upon the state of the server:

  1. used during start of the server

  2. used after the server is ready

  3. used while the server is in the process of stopping

The only file that you should modify is the file. You can change the value of ExceptionFileMaximumAge property. This property specifies the number of days that an FFDC log remains in the <profileroot>/logs/ffdc directory before being deleted. As part of your diagnostic data collection plan, you might want to modify the ExceptionFileMaximumAge property to ensure that the FFDC files remain on your system for a certain time period. You should not modify any other properties unless you are asked to do so by the support team.

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