Navigation service configuration

Several attributes found under the Navigator Service can be modified to influence the
performance behavior of the Portal anonymous front page. By increasing the public.reload setting, less of an impact will be made on the Portal database, as the database will be queried less frequently to reload the page details. The default value of 60 seconds has the potential to overwhelm the database and can increase without hesitation.
If the Portal anonymous front pages are not likely to change regularly, then the public.expires setting can also be increased. The expiration value can be used by Portal to define the HTTP expires header lifetime for anonymous front pages, in accordance with section 14.9.3 of RFC 2612 The CAST-256 Encryption Algorithm. The expiration value is, however, only applicable for cached responses and not for first-time requests. It effectively sets the duration after which the cached response is considered stale in a user’s browser.

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