Steps for replacing default intial content of VP

If you want you can replace the initial content of the virtual portal that you create using Manage Virtual portal portlet. To replace the default XML script with your own custom XML script, proceed as follows:

  1. Place your custom XML script in the following directory:

  2. Open the Manage Portlets portlet by selecting Administration < Portlet Management< Portlets.

  3. In the list of portlets, locate the Virtual Portal Manager portlet.

  4. Click the Configure Portlet (wrench) icon of the Virtual Portal Manager portlet.

  5. Edit the SCRIPT_INIT_VP parameter of the portlet. Replace the value
    InitVirtualPortal.xml with the name of your custom XML script. You might need to
    note the parameter and remove it, and then re-enter the parameter with the name of
    your XML file.

  6. Click OK twice to save changes.

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