Location of the java core file

You can generate Thread Dump (Snapshot of what different threads were doing at that point of time) explicitly by executing "kill -3 pid" command or if server crashed for some reason it will also generate the Java core

You can look for the location for javacore within the file native_stderr.log.

look at the following locations for java core file:

  • The location specified by the IBM_JAVACOREDIR environment variable if it is set.

  • <WSAS_install_root> (for WebSphere Application Server V5.1)
    or <WSAS_install_root>/profiles/<profile> (for WebSphere Application Server V6.0)

  • The location that is specified by the TMPDIR environment variable, if set.

  • The /tmp directory or on Microsoft Windows the location that is specified by the by the TEMP environment variable, if configured.

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