Remote portlet support for portlet wires

The portal also enables the creation of wires between remote portlets that use the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) v2.0 protocol for event transfer. Remote portlets that have been integrated into the portal and placed on portal pages can be wired, even if they were consumed from different Producers. Remote portlets can also be wired to local standard portlets.

Payload data for remote events is transported as XML content. Therefore, local portlets that want to communicate with remote portlets must either declare event payloads with appropriate XML serialization definitions by using the Java XML Binding framework (JAXB) or process the raw XML strings.

If the remote portlet Producer is also a WebSphere Portal V6.1 portal or another JSR 286–compliant portal, and if local and remote portlets are using the same JAXB definitions, then the correct XML translations happens automatically.

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