Sequence of process that executes when you create a new virtual portal

With the information that the administrator enters in Manage Virtual portal when creating the new virtual portal, the portlet triggers a sequence of processes to actually establish the new virtual portal. These processes include the following:

  • Creating a new root content node for the virtual portal.

  • Creating the new URL mapping to point to the new root content node.

  • Assigning the selected theme to the new root content node.

  • Granting the specified administrator group the action set for the Administrator role on the new root content node, and thereby, on the new virtual portal.

  • Calling the XML configuration interface script to create the initial content tree. This includes virtual portal–specific instances of the following portal resources: Favorites,Administration, Home, Manage Portlets, and Page Customizer with the corresponding concrete portlets. To change the content globally and before creating a virtual portal, modify the XML script that specifies the initial content for virtual portals.

  • Assigning default roles and access rights to subadministrators and users on the created resources.

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