Administering Personalization

As per Adding Personalization feature to Admin install If you install portal using Admin install option, then it wont install Personalization portlets on your portal. And after installing portal you should execute this task to first install personalization portlets and add page to it.

./ action-deploy-portlets-prereq.pzn -DPortalAdminPwd=wasadmin -DWasPassword=wasadmin

But on my portal even though i used admin install i can see that Personalization Navigator, Personalization Editor and Personalization Picker portlet was installed. Executing this task results in Personalization List portlet getting deployed. Also it creates 3 pages for personalization but it seems that there is problem with structure and the Personalization quick link does not show up.

The Portal Server provides two portlets that you can use to administer personalization rules, one is Personalization Navigator and other is Personalization Editor. These portlets allow you to view existing rules as well as create new rule, manage the ACL's for the personalization rule

The Personalization Navigator allows you to navigate, create, and delete Personalization objects entirely from a graphical user interface.

The Personalization Navigator consists of a tree directory view of the Personalization objects. Select a resource by clicking the box next to the object name. Click the plus or minus sign next to a folder to expand or collapse its contents.
The Personalization Editor allows you to edit object content or information.

Selecting a new element from the Personalization Navigator automatically brings you to the Personalization Editor. You enter data depending on the object chosen. You can also edit existing objects by highlighting the object in the Personalization Navigator, and clicking Edit in the Personalization Editor.

The Personalized List portlet allows a user to display personalized content without having to build a custom JSP portlet. Each portlet can display a list of resources and show details for each returned resource. Groups of related resources may be categorized for easy viewing. When a more detailed view of a piece of content is required, a custom detail JSP may be specified. Different instances of the portlet may be used across the Portal to quickly and easily deploy customized information to users.

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