Add new attribute to Look Aside database

Once the look aside database is configured you can add attributes to it by following these steps.

  • Open the file that you used for Configuring Lookaside database and set values for following properties like this

    # Name of the property to be added.

    # A list of entity types, the new property is applicable to
    # Can be one of the following:
    # PersonAccount
    # Group
    # PersonAccount,Group

    # Data type. For example String.

    # Defines if the property can contain multiple attributes or not. true or false

    Here i am configuring it to add favoriteMovie attribute to PersonAccount type. It is of String type and can have multiple values

  • After configuring file execute following Configuration task to make the changes

    ./ wp-add-la-property -DWasPassword=wasadmin -DparentProperties=/software/WebSphere/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/config/helpers/

  • Restart the WebSPhere_Portal server for changes to take effect

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