Configuring Portal Search in a cluster

To support Portal Search in a clustered environment, you must install and configure search for remote search service on an IBM WebSphere Application Server node that is not part of the IBM WebSphere Portal cluster.

To install and configure the search service remotely, perform the following tasks:

1. Install and configure the search service to work remotely, that is, on a remote WebSphere Application Server node which is not part of the portal cluster. You can provide the remote search service either as an EJB or as a Web service via SOAP. Deploy the appropriate EJB or SOAP EAR file on the remote WebSphere Application Server node. For details about how to do this, refer to the WebSphere Application Server documentation.
2. Configure the search portlets for remote search service so that they access the remote server accordingly.

To enable search in a cluster for content stored in the JCR database, you must configure each machine in the cluster to access a shared directory. JCR-based content includes content created with Web Content Management or Personalization.
Create a shared directory called jcr/search on a machine in the network and ensure that each node in the cluster has network access to the directory.

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