URL mapping allows portal administrator to create constant user friendly URLs and map them to portal page. While creating URL administrator can assign human friendly names to them. When user clicks on this friendly URL, portal takes him straight to the portal page.

Important Note: Clicking on a mapped URL from outside the portal takes the user straight to the desired page in the case of pages which are accessible without login to the portal. In the case of pages which require login the user is prompted for user ID and password. After successful login the portal takes user to the desired page. However this works only if the security is enabled. Otherwise the portal redirects the user to the portal welcome page.

Lets create a sample URL mapping that will map http://localhost:10040/wps/myportal/manageportlet to the Portlets page in the admin console. Please follow these steps to do that

  • Log in into the WebSphere Portal Adminstration console

  • Go to Portlet Settings -> URL Mapping page. On this page click on New Context Button

  • On the next page assign lable to the url. In our case we want assign manageportlet as label to the URL so enter manageportlet and click ok

  • It will take you back to the URL mapping list. Click on Edit Mapping button next to the managepages URL

  • On the next screen you will have to actually choose the page that you want to map this URL to, so search Portlets here and once the page is found select it.

Once URL mapping is done you can go to http://localhost:10040/wps/myportal/manageportlet URL and it will directly take you to the Portlets page, if your not already logged in it will take you to the login page first.

Important Note: A User can map context to all portal pages for which they have User role. After Mapping the URL to particular page, administer can give Editor role to that mapping to users, Users with Editor role can change the URL mapping to point to some other page.

Mapping URL task: Required role
Creating a context: Editor role for the parent context
Deleting a context: Manager role for the context
Adding, removing, or changing a label: Editor role for the context
Changing a mapping/* Removing a mapping: Editor role for the context + User role on the portal page.

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