Describe enhanced Portal WSRP 2.0 features

Portal Version 6.1 supports the WSRP 2.0 standard. The WSRP 2.0 supports all the functionality that was available in WSRP 1.0. In addition to that it supports following new features

  • Eventing: Eventing allows portlet to send events to other portlets or receive events from other portlet. You can send events from one remote portlet to another remote portlet, from a local portlet to a remote portlet, or from a remote portlet to a local portlet. In order for eventing to work you will have to wire the remote portlet on consumer side as a normal portlet. The event object would be xml encoded and carried to the remote server

  • Public render parameter: Public render parameters allow portlet to share parameters with other portlets. Portlets can declare which parameters they want to receive and they will receive it irrespective of whether that portlet is deployed locally or remotely.

  • Resource Serving: Resource serving allows portlets to serve resource request. The resource requests are context aware and made in the context of WSRP, so you can make resource request to the remote portlet and WSRP will provide necessary infrastructure to support it

  • Improved Cookie Handling:The portal WSRP Consumer now handles all cookies that are set by remote portlets

  • Advanced security configuration options:The portal now provides improved WS-Security support for the WSRP Consumer. You can configure WS-Security for individual WSRP Producers by using the portal administrative portlets or the XML configuration interface by selecting a security profile. The portal provides three default WSRP security profiles and allows you to add your own custom profiles. Additionally, you can dynamically set whether requests to a Producer use HTTP, HTTPS, or, if the Producer can handle both, the current protocol on the Consumer. For the WSRP Producer, the portal provides three sample WS-Security configurations that correspond to the default security profiles on the Consumer side and allow a faster setup.

  • Support of relative URL for resources served by WSRP consumer as proxy: You can include style sheet or images in the markup generated by WSRP portlet using relative URL and WSRP consumer would act as proxy to retrieve those resources

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