Application Level shared lib

The Application Level Shared Lib allows you to attach shared lib to particular enterprise application or .war file inside enterprise application. Follow these steps

  • Create testsharedlib shared library by following the steps defined in Create Shared Lib section

  • In the WAS Admin Console, Go to Application -> Enterprise Applications, select the application that you want to attach this shared lib to. I want to attach it to PA_SharedLib enterprise application. So its detail screen looks like this

  • Click on Shared Library references link in the References section, it will display list of shared library referenced from both .ear and the .war file inside the .ear

  • I want to attach the shared lib to the SharedLibPortlet, so select it and click on Reference Shared Libraries button

  • It is displaying list of available shared libraries on the left hand side, select the testsharedlib and add it to selected section.

  • When you click on Ok it will take you to the previous screen and now you will be able to see the testsharedlib being attached to SharedLibPortlet

After making this change i tested my enterprise application and it was able to access the classes defined in the shared lib. If that does not work try restarting the enterprise application

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