Setting limits on searches for users and group

Searching for users or groups is a time consuming task. A search may time out or return more results than the system can handle or the user may expect. To prevent this behavior, you can set limits on searches for users or groups.

These configurations are stored in wp_profile_root\config\cells\cell_name\wim\config\wimconfig.xml file. If you open the wimconfig.xml file this is what you have at the top level


Meaning of these properties are

  • maxSearchResults: Is what is the maximum number of records can be returned as search result. In this case if more than 4500 records are found it will return error

  • searchTimeOut: Specifies the timeout in miliseconds. In this configuration if your using LDAP as datasource and it does not return result in say 600000 mili seconds then it will give up and return error

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