Using pznload to publish rules

You can use a WebSphere Portal Personalization provided command-line executable to load exported Personalization artifacts into a local or remote server. So, you can script the delivery of rules and campaigns from staging to production, or the offline publishing between disconnected systems (such as when production servers are secured behind a firewall). You can use this function to quickly revert production servers to an earlier state.

Publishing via the command-line is a two step process. First, you export the personalization objects you want to transfer from the authoring environment to a remote system. When you select More Actions Export in the Personalization Navigator portlet, you are prompted for a location to save a nodes file. This file contains an XML representation of all the currently selected personalization objects. You can export entire folders.

After exporting and saving the desired objects, you use the pznload executable to send this data to the desired server. The pznload executables are located in the PortalServer_root/pzn/prereq.pzn/publish/ directory. On Windows, invoke the pznload.bat file. On UNIX, invoke the file. This program accepts a number of command line options and a set of nodes files to publish. Invoke pznload with the --help option to see a list of all options. The most important arguments are described below:

The URL of the remote publish servlet. If you do not specify a value the program will attempt to connect to a WebSphere Portal server running on the local machine.
The name of the workspace to publish to. The default workspace name on all IBM Content Manager run-time edition installations is RULESWORKSPACE.
The location in the target workspace which will be the parent for the published nodes. The target path must exist prior to publishing. Example: If the Export function was used on the folder /Projects/HR Website, then the target path should be specified as /Projects so that the published resources are once again located in /Projects/HR Website.
A valid user on the target system with sufficient access rights.
The password for the user

Once a publish is started, you see status messages in the command console. If an error occurs, to get more information, turn on the Java Run time Environment tracing for WebSphere on the client system or examine the error and trace logs on the server system.


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