Clustering Limitation

  • WebSphere Portal is not supported when running on a managed node that is not part of a clustered environment. You can create a cluster which contains only one WebSPhere Portal server enabling a single WebSphere Portal server to be operational in a managed cell.

  • In a clustered environment, it is not possible to change settings through the Global settings portlets or XML Configuration interface. These changes must be made by modifying the respective properties in the WebSphere Application Server administrative console.

  • To support search in a clustered environment, you must install and configure search for remote search service on an applications erver node that is not part of the cluster.

  • For the deployment manager and each WebSphere Portal node to be in the cluster, verify that each system clock is set to within 5 minutes of the others or the addNode command will fail.

  • When creating a cluster or a cluster member, do not use spaces in the cluster name or the cluster member name.

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sudhakar jahn said...

I have a question, how to enable "create cluster using an existing server" check box.In my environment this check box is graded out while creating first cluster member. i am unable to select existing servers as Cluster member1. please help me out on this! Thanks in advance.