Steps for adding vertical cluster member

IBM recommends that you should user vertical clustering i.e. having more than one portal JVM's running on single machine to make full use of the resources. Also it looks like setting up vertical cluster is much easier than the horizontal cluster.

I did setup a vertical cluster on my VMWare by following these steps

  • Start the Deployment manager if it is not already started

  • Login into the WAS Admin Console of the deployment manager by going to https://localhost:9043/ibm/console URL.

  • In the WAS Admin Console Go to Server -> Clusters. And select the cluster in which you want to add new member

  • Click on the Cluster members, it will list out the members of that cluster. Click on New. It will open a Create additional cluster member page like this

  • On this page enter name of the new cluster and select the node where this vertical node should be added. Dont forget to check the Generate Unique HTTP ports check box. Click on next couple of pages and when you say finish it will create set of configuration files for the new server
    Important Note :You must update the virtual host entries for the new port created when adding a cluster member. You can do this by updating the default_host virtual host in the administrative console and adding a new alias entry for the port number (use an asterisk [*] wildcard character for the host name).

  • Once the new vertical cluster member is created you can verify it by going to Cluster topology

  • Next step would be to configure dynamic cache so that the cache entries created on this newly created server get copied to other members of the cluster. You can do that by going to Application Server -> Newly created server -> Dynamic Cache service.
    On this page check Enable cache replication check box, select name of your cluster as Full Group replication domain and set Replication Type as pull only

  • Next go to the wp_profile/ directory on the target machine and execute ./ cluster-node-config-vertical-cluster-setup -DServerName=WebSphere_Portal_V1 task to clean up the server-scoped resources, caches, and resource providers

  • Restart the newly added vertical cluster member

  • In the Admin Console change the value of WCM_HOST and WCM_PORT websphere variables scoped at the server level to point to the web server which will be used to serve WCM content

  • Re Synchronize changes from Deployment manager to the cluster members

  • Regenerate the Web Server plugin to include the newly added vertical cluster and copy the newly generated plugin-cfg.xml file to web server and restart web server so that it can start forwarding request to newly added vertical cluster member