Setting service configuration properties

WebSphere Portal comprises a framework of services to accommodate the different scenarios that portals need to address. You can configure some of these services. You can set the service configuration properties by using the administrative console.

Follow these steps to change or set value of configuration service property

  • Login into the WAS Admin Console

  • Go to Resources -> Resource Environment -> Resource Environment Provider. It will display list of configuration service like this

  • In this list select the Configuration service that you want to customize. Here it will list out the list of properties for that configuration service. You can add new property or configure the existing property

  • Save your changes and they get saved in the resources.xml file in the corresponding scope.

If you look in the wp_profile/PortalServer/config directory you will notice that there is a .properties file for each of the configuration service in this folder but these files are not used any more. So making changes in them wont have any effect.

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