Using External security manager in cluster

If you are configuring security for IBM WebSphere Portal with an external security manager, review the additional considerations described in this section, depending on the external security manager that you are using. Perform any configuration for an external security manager after you have completed all other setup, including ensuring that the WebSphere Portal cluster is functional.
The following considerations apply to all external security managers:

  • When setting up security in a cluster to use an external security manager, ensure that you configure either TAM or Siteminder on each of the portal nodes.

  • If you make any changes to the external security manager configuration after initially setting it up, ensure that any changes you make to the file are propagated to the other nodes in the cluster. Changes to the file are not included as part of the cluster resynchronization process.

  • If you are using an external Web server, additional configuration is required before running any task to configure an external security manager with a WebSphere Portal cluster. Edit the file on each node, and ensure that the values for the and properties are set to the backend server host name and port number you are using for your Web server.

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